Cathy Gins
Jewelry Dreams

“I dreamed that my jewelry asked if it was still beautiful if no one saw it? and then asked me to give it new life. I heard that my crystal chains wanted to be rain, and that an opal stone wanted to be a mother. I saw that zebras live in oceans, that sapphires and diamonds are plucked from the sky by angels, and that Jesus caught a fish wrapped in gold. I dreamed that I had so many dreams that I put each one in a box with windows, so I could look inside to remember them. When I woke up the boxes were here, my dioramas of Jewelry Dreams.”

Jewelry designer and visual artist Cathy Gins is introducing dioramas of Jewelry Dreams at her studio in New York’s West Village during New York Jewelry Week. Hours are 3-7pm on Wednesday, November 14 - Thursday, November 15th and Friday November 16th. The exhibit is also open by appointment by contacting

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